Welcome to the Emptages of Thanet

At the time of the 1841 census in England, 138 people had the surname Emptage, Spelling corrections added another 14, to make a total of 152, 114 of whom lived on or originated from the Isle of Thanet. Our work began as a study of those Emptages of Thanet (then aged from 3 months to 74 years), their forebears and their descendants. However, our work has not only grown beyond the Isle of Thanet to include all the Emptages who were living in England in 1841 but has gone further back, to the 1400s and further forward, far beyond the shores of England. As our research progressed we became aware of the uniqueness of the surname Emptage and a growing belief that the ancestors of all the Emptages spread across England and the rest of the world today not only originated in the small Isle of Thanet, on the eastern tip of the county of Kent, in England but that they were probably here in Anglo-Saxon times. And so began a worldwide study of the name.